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Is Pokemon Go Down? – How to Check Pokemon Go Server Status

Pokemon Go down.

by Jesse Vitelli

Pokemon Go requires a consistent internet connection to the Niantic servers. This can cause problems quite frequently and be a headache for many players trying to enjoy the game. You’ll often find yourself asking if Pokemon Go is down. Here’s how to check the Pokemon Go server status.

Is Pokemon Go Down? – How to Check Pokemon Go Server Status

If you’re looking to see if Pokemon Go is down, you can look at a few different places.

First off, the best place to check to see if the servers are down is Downdetector. This third-party tool allows users to report when they are experiencing an outage—making it a great place to check if the game is having issues or if this is an isolated incident.

As of writing this on December 27, 2022, Pokemon Go is experiencing major server issues. So be prepared to experience login issues as well as connection problems.

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After looking here, be sure to head over to the Niantic Support Twitter page. Here Niantic will update players about issues or problems any of its games are experiencing. So if Pokemon Go is having a problem with its servers, or something else, the Twitter account will update players. If you’re waiting for something to be fixed, this is also where you will want to look.

It is most likely that the servers are down, especially if you are playing during an event or holiday. These are when the peak number of players log in and try to play, so this will hit the servers the hardest.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about if Pokemon Go is down and who to check the server status. We have plenty of useful Pokemon Go guides to check out, such as the best Pokemon picks for the Holiday Cup.

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