Is Payday 3 on Game Pass? – Answered

Xbox fans rejoice!

Payday 3 Game Pass

The newest entry in the co-op FPS heist-focused series is already here. Payday 3 is out, and despite some mixed reviews, it’s still grabbing everyone’s attention as the long-awaited sequel to one of the most acclaimed stealth games ever made. But if you can’t pay for its full price, are you able to enjoy it through another cheaper, easier-to-get-into service?

Is Payday 3 Available on Xbox Game Pass?

Payday 3 is included in the Xbox Game Pass service as another of its many Day 1 games. You can play it freely by subscribing to Microsoft’s services as long as you want without having to get it for its full price. If your subscription expires, all of your progress will still be there once you renew it or buy the full game. And thanks to its cross-save feature, you can also get it on any other platform (Steam or consoles) and maintain the same progress.

The game is available on Cloud, PC, and console versions, and you can run it from any device that supports any of them. Cloud Gaming is only available on Game Pass Ultimate subscription, though, and regular users only have access to the other two versions.

The game also features crossplay, meaning that you can easily match with any other player from different platforms to make the perfect heist. If you’re doing that with friends, make sure you have some way of easily communicating since the game, despite having all of these nice features, is still missing something as basic as a voice chat.

Payday 3 should be featured in the Game Pass for a few months, if not years. You have plenty of time to enjoy it as much as you can. And if you eventually decide to get it on Xbox, it will make your life easier regarding achievements and other unlockables.

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