Does Payday 3 Have Voice Chat? – Answered

Talking during a heist? Not in my watch!

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Being the newest entry in one of the best heist game franchises out there, one would expect nothing less than the best features being available in Payday 3, with voice chat being one of them. This is a basic feature for most multiplayer games nowadays, so when you have such a cooperation-heavy game like this, you surely won’t forget to give it this small detail, right? Keep reading to learn if Payday 3 includes voice chat.

Is There Voice Chat in Payday 3?

Surprisingly, there’s no Voice Chat included in Payday 3. Despite being a basic necessity for a heist game, Starbreeze Studios deemed it wasn’t that important, and opted to release the game without it. If you want some quick communication, you and your partners-in-crime will have to use an external platform like Discord or anything similar.

Despite including crossplay and cross-save functions, having easy access to team chat was not a priority. This can make communication with randoms harder than it should be. Starbreeze hasn’t mentioned anything regarding including innate voice chat in the future, but hope is the last to die, so let’s wait for what the future might hold for us.

This is particularly strange since Payday 2 actually featured voice chat, and we’re talking about a game from literally a decade ago. This makes us believe that it was possible for Payday 3 to actually feature this function at some point during development, but it was somehow scrapped during development for some reason.

Voice chats can indeed get toxic real quick, especially with complete strangers that you’ll probably never see again in your whole life, but it’s still essential to some genres of games, and Payday is one of them. With the game now being made available on more platforms such as Xbox Game Pass, it’s just a matter of time until people start complaining about the absolute lack of communication, so we might see some positive changes given some time.

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