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Is Nightmare Kart Playable on the Steam Deck? – Answered

Gehrman joins the race!

Nightmare Kart, previously known as Bloodborne Kart is now available on PC through Steam and is an absolute joy to play. This love letter to classic Kart racers, and Bloodborne is light on the specs and completely free-to-play. Though, while it runs great on PC, is Nightmare Kart playable on the Steam Deck? Here is everything you need to know.

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Is Nightmare Kart Playable on the Steam Deck?

Yes, Nightmare Kart is playable on the Steam Deck and runs beautifully on the handheld.

As you can see in the performance overlay, it’s running at a locked 60 and barely using the GPU and GPU. It’s only using 8 watts, but you can lower the value to enjoy playing it for hours. We didn’t run into any stutters while playing for a good hour, and the framerate was consistent throughout.

You can also bump the resolution higher, but the default 720p looks fantastic on the screen in our opinion. The game also has support for Steam Cloud which means you can pick up your progress on all your devices. Nightmare Kart also has multiple button prompt options, which you can fully rebind as well.

If you’re playing the game on PC though, and are running into any issues with your controller, we have a few recommendations to fix those.

Nightmare Kart is a hit on Steam with overwhelmingly positive reviews from users praising its art, music, and overall feel of the vechicles. Bloodborne on PC might not be the reality Sony believes in just yet, but the Bloodborne PSX Demake and now Nightmare Kart are keeping that dream alive.

Sony has been steadily releasing multiple games from their exclusives catalog on PC, and both God of War Ragnarok and Until Dawn Remake are the latest announcements. We hope that with the success of these releases, PlayStation will consider porting titles co-developed with Japan Studio as well.

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