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Is Marvel Snap Pro Bundle Worth it? Contents Revealed

Should you stay or should you go?

by Nikola L

Marvel Snap has released a Pro Bundle in its Shop. It’s worth $99.99 and nets you some stuff that should help boost your collection level (and hopefully unlock new cards for you, hopefully being the keyword). Depending on your preference, you can buy it through Steam, Google Play Store, or Apple Store. However, if you are unsure if Marvel Snap Pro Bundle is worth buying, you have come to the right place here at Prima Games.

What Do You Get in Marvel Snap Pro Bundle?

In Marvel Snap Pro Bundle, you get 12,500 Credits and 8 x 155 Boosters (1240 total). Boosters aren’t really a big incentive for this purchase, but we can do the math in relation to the Credit part. You can pick up 8,000 Gold from the store for the same price.

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The problem with buying Gold and then converting it to Credits is that there’s a limited amount of times that you can buy Credits with Gold each day. And math is simple: for every 400 Gold, you can get 500 Credits. When we extrapolate that to 8,000 Gold, the Bundle is worth 10,000 Credits. So, this Pro Bundle gives you an “extra” 2500 Credits and 1000 something Boosters (Second Dinner, please remove Boosters from the game, they serve no actual purpose).

In theory, on paper, in hindsight, however, we want to phrase this, it’s an OK deal compared to the regular Gold purchase.

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Should I Buy the Marvel Snap Pro Bundle?

In the store, it’s declared that you should be able to clear about 250 Collection levels with this purchase. This would be amazing for a newcomer to the game so that at least the core cards are unlocked. However, this can all be obtained gradually, with the player gradually learning about new cards, mechanics, etc. Speaking from a personal perspective, I am at a collection level of 2000, and I do not feel the need to invest this much money into the game. I play regularly and eventually, all cards that I want and need will come into my roster.

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Once again, I’ll also represent a different perspective from a Labor Theory of Value: Grinding this many Credits will take you weeks of constant playing. In such a theory, you can invest a day or two to work for the amount of money necessary to pay for this bundle, and save yourself some time, if you, for example, cannot take that much time off your regular daily duties to spend time grinding this game. In that case, where you have limited game time, it is a great idea to freelance some work on the side to make that limited game time more enjoyable.

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