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Is Lil Pump in Dead Island 2? – Answered

Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang

As you find yourself lost in the beautiful paradise of Hell-A, you’ll need to select which slayer you wish to control as you try to survive another Zombie apocalypse. However, your eyes may feel like they’re deceiving you when you first encounter Bruno, one of six available characters. Is it just you, or does Bruno look a little too much like Lil Pump, the rapper who gained fame overnight for his “Gucci Gang” track? Let’s jump in and find out if this is little more than an homage, or if it’s actually the Miami native in digital form.

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Who is Bruno In Dead Island 2?

While the whole cast of Dead Island 2 is extremely eclectic and out there, none seem to be more so than Bruno himself. Sporting colorful dreads and a style that Hypebeasts would drool over, it’s easy to draw an immediate comparison to someone like Lil Pump. However, while it pains us to say it, it isn’t Lil Pump, just a character that seems to draw hella inspiration from the Hypebeast/Soundcloud crowd. That being said, there are a few small things with the character that seems to point in the right direction to say he was at least inspired by the rapper.

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Each Slayer in Dead Island 2 have a set of unique skills that they can use to bring pain to the hordes of Zombies in their general area, and our man Bruno here has two special skills: Backstab & Rapid Reprisal. While it may just be us looking a little too much into it, with the popularity of a song like “Gucci Gang” and its infectious, yet repetitive use of the main hook over and over again, it seems that at least the name for this secondary skill could be inspired by that track.

While this may not be the debut foray into the world of video games that Lil Pump may be looking for, Bruno looks and sounds enough like the rapper that fans may find him to be the best Slayer available. Make sure to jump into our Dead Island 2 coverage below to learn which slayer you should choose, and if the game is going to keep you up at night.

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