Is Dead Island 2 Scary? – Answered

How does Dead Island 2 compare to the terror of recent horror games?

Dead Island 2, the long-awaited zombie RPG and follow-up to 2011’s Dead Island is set to release for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on April 21, 2023. The new title from Dambuster Studios and Deep Silver combines role-playing, survival horror, and first-person shooting in its multi-genre gameplay. However, this amalgamation of categories raises the question, how scary is Dead Island 2? Read ahead to find out more, as we examine just how frightening the highly anticipated zombie horror RPG is.

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How Scary is Dead Island 2? – Answered

As we have said many times previously at Prima Games’, like beauty, horror is in the eye of the beholder. However, through analyzing Dead Island 2 as objectively as possible, I would rate the new zombie game very low on the scale of scariness. While Dead Island 2 contains some extremely gory and gruesome images, the horror is perpetrated by the player character against the zombies, not the other way around.

Unlike recent current-gen horror games such as Resident Evil 4, Dead Space, or The Callisto Protocol, which each feature disturbing player death animations for protagonists Leon S. Kennedy, Isaac Clarke, and Jacob Lee respectively, there are no such scenes in Dead Island 2. In fact, all of the gore is centered around killing zombies, so unless you happen to be a member of the living dead reading this, then there isn’t much to be terrified of in Dead Island 2.

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Horror in Dead Island 2

Even though Dead Island 2 isn’t as scary as many recent horror titles, there are definitely some frightening moments in the newly released, “rated M for Mature” sequel. For example, the game’s zombies are very realistic looking and make some unsettling sounds. Spoiler warning: There is also one creepy clown zombie boss, as pictured above, who is probably the scariest enemy in the entire game, but is only encountered for a short time, relatively late in the campaign.

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Who Should Avoid Playing Dead Island 2?

Unless you are squeamish at the sight of videogame blood, have an extreme fear of zombies (beyond a normal level), or have been instructed by medical professionals not to play horror games, Dead Island 2 won’t adversely affect you. To reiterate, just be mindful that the game is extremely gory.

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