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Which Slayer Should You Choose in Dead Island 2? – Answered

Don't hate the slayer, hate the game

by Grant Testa

Similarly to the first game in the series, the new zombie apocalypse RPG Dead Island 2 features multiple protagonists to choose from. But which of the six “Slayers” should you select in Dead Island 2? Read ahead to find out more, as we examine each playable character included in Dead Island 2, and give a Prima Games recommendation for the characters you should choose.

Playable Slayers Dead Island 2

Here are all of the Slayers in Dead Island 2, including some biographical information, as well as their biggest strengths and weaknesses.


Amy is a Paralympic runner, which is demonstrated by her high levels of agility and stamina. As a speedster with a slight frame, her biggest weakness is toughness, making dodging enemies of the utmost importance.


Bruno is a street hustler, who uses his skills to inflict high critical damage on zombies. However, the tech-savvy Bruno’s biggest weakness is peak health, and is also low on toughness.


Carla is a motorcycle stuntwoman and this is reflected in her resilience and toughness stats. However, Carla’s low critical damage is her biggest weakness. She can outlast zombies in fights, but it might take her longer to send them back to the grave.


Dani is a tough roller derby star with high stamina and health, but has minimal health recovery.


Jacob is a stock-broker turned stuntman with high health and stamina, but lacks resilience.


As a male stripper and fake firefighter, Ryan has higher toughness than any other slayer, but severely lacks agility.

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Prima Games Dead Island Slayer Recommendations

From my multiple playthroughs where I completed every mission and earned every Dead Island 2 PS5 trophy, I found that technically, there is no “right answer” regarding which Slayer you should choose, as you should ultimately select the protagonist whose biography, stats, and introductory cutscene resonate with you the most. However, based on the marketing and merchandise from publisher Deep Silver, two characters stand out from the rest of the highly talented voice cast, who you should strongly consider choosing in your playthrough(s).

Prima Games Slayer Recommendation #1: Jacob

It is abundantly clear that Dambuster Studios and Deep Silver view Jacob as their most important character, as they heavily utilized the protagonist (played by Okezie Morro) in their marketing, and even predominantly display the Slayer on the game’s cover artwork.

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Prima Games Slayer Recommendation #2: Amy

The reason for recommending Amy is that Deep Silver created a limited edition collector’s statue of the heroine, showing their fervent belief in the Slayer portrayed by Skye Bennett. Amy is the only character with a purchasable collectible, which could be worth a pre-order if you enjoy your Dead Island 2 playthrough with her character.

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