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Is It Better to Sell or Salvage Gear in Diablo 4? – Answered

Find a balance between money and resources

by Madison Benson
Is It Better to Sell or Salvage Gear in Diablo 4

During your Diablo 4 adventures, you will constantly swap out weapons and armor to strengthen your character. You can also upgrade, repair and imbue gems into them, meaning you will consistently use gold and raw resources to improve your setup. This leads to one question: Is it better to get more gold through selling or more raw resources by salvaging? If you would like to learn more, continue reading to discover whether it is better to sell or salvage spare gear in Diablo 4.

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Is It Better to Sell or Salvage Gear in Diablo 4?

Generally speaking, it is worthwhile for you to salvage any spare gear you pick up throughout your travels. While stockpiling money is beneficial for repairing and upgrading equipment, you will gain enough from monster drops and chests that you will not have to sell your gear too often to get more.

Salvaging also grants you resources like iron chunks, silver ore and rawhide that are valuable for upgrading your gear at the blacksmith. As you continuously get more items and upgrade them, you will need more of these ores and skins. While yes, you can get ore from nodes scattered throughout Sanctuary, salvaging equipment is the quickest way to do this.

If you need a refresher on how to salvage items, be sure to check out our Diablo 4 salvaging guide.

With this in mind, though, it is still important to sell gear occasionally once you run low on gold. If you find that you are using a ton of gold and need more, selling an inventory of equipment will help bring you back up to a few thousand, netting you enough for an extra upgrade or two in some situations.

Diablo 4 will be available on June 6, 2023, on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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