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Is Honkai Star Rail Turn-Based? – Answered

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by Daphne Fama
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Honkai: Star Rail is the latest addition to the HoYoverse, bringing players from Genshin’s sprawling fields and beautiful cities to space stations moored in the vast emptiness of the cosmos. But does Honkai: Star Rail play like Genshin Impact? Is Honkai Star Rail Turn-Based? Your question answered below.

Is Honkai Star Rail Turn-Based? – Answered

Honkai Star Rail released yesterday to much celebration, and while Genshin fans will likely love the characters introduced, there are some stark differences between the two games. One of the primary differences is the combat system.

While Genshin performed like an action game, testing players’ ability to manage moving enemies, Honkai Star Rail takes a new approach. Honkai Star Rail is a turn-based RPG, with both allies and enemies taking turns. These turns are based on character speed, but it’s possible to “jump the queue” by using your Ultimate.

Ultimates are powerful abilities that allow characters to inflict major single or area of effect damage and are extremely useful in either breaking or finishing up an enemy before they can get their turn.

Naturally, not all players are happy about this new change.

One Twitter user stated:

“I was excited for Honkai Star Rail until i realized while playing the first couple minutes that its turn based.


Sayonara my friend. You wont be missed.”

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Other players have been full-heartedly enjoying it.

“as much as i love the fantasy aspect of genshin and the elemental reactions, i have to say that i’m thoroughly enjoying the turn based combat in honkai star rail!!!”

But it all boils down to personal taste. Personally, I hate the movement system on mobile. Which makes fast travel so fantastic. Here’s how to fast travel in Honkai Star Rail: How to Fast Travel in Honkai: Star Rail.

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