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How to Unlock Daily Missions in Honkai Star Rail

It takes longer than you might expect

by Patrick Souza

There’s a lot to do between exploring the world, tackling the Simulated Universe or just aimlessly collecting characters. But Daily Missions are still one of Honkai Star Rail’s most important elements as they end up being one of F2P players’ main sources of income/Stellar Jades. Completing them alongside your Daily Training is crucial if you’re looking to get any new characters.

But with its more-than-needed lengthy tutorial sessions, it takes a while before you can get those quests, so here’s what you need to do to unlock them.

How to Unlock Daily Missions in Honkai Star Rail

Daily Missions are unlocked by progressing through Jarilo-VI’s Trailbraze Mission “Long Wait for the Blade’s Edge” in “In the Withering Wintry Night” chapter. You’ll first learn about them after completing Herta’s Simulated Universe tutorial, but the actual quests are still further ahead. The Daily Training feature is also unlocked alongside them.

While Daily Missions only provide you with Credits as their main direct reward, completing the Daily Training does give you Stellar Jades, serving as the game’s main income for summoning resources. Daily Training consists of finishing various tasks such as winning combats and completing Daily Missions. You get one Daily Mission per day, so make sure you complete it alongside the rest of your training so you won’t be missing out on any resources.

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It may take you a few hours into the game before you get to this point, but you’ll unlock various features while you’re at it. Daily Training (and Missions, by consequence) refresh at 04:00 AM server time every day, so the exact hour will vary depending on which server you’re playing.

Players from Star Rail’s distant cousin Genshin Impact might find it a more interactive system compared to the simple Daily Commissions model since you actually get to do something different every day. The daily routine is more complex here, but still easily manageable.

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