How to Get to Trailblaze Level 24 Fast in Honkai Star Rail

Is Honkai: Star Rail Free? – Answered

This is how the gacha games get you

It is getting harder and harder to avoid news on Honkai: Star Rail and with graphics like these, it is sure to be quite the expensive game for the summer. Only, as part of the Hoyoverse line, the price of this game may surprise you. 

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Is Honkai: Star Rail Free?

As one of the many games developed by the game publisher, Hoyoverse and Cognosphere, Honkai: Star Rail is actually free as a game to download. You do not have to pay the store or the website in order to download the game to your mobile device, tablet, or to your personal computer. 

The game also does not hold back content with a price tag either. You will be able to advance through the story and the quests with no issue at all, as long as you level up your character, and even that does not require for you to dole out a single penny. So while the game may take a bit of grinding in order to progress, you can bet your bottom dollar that you do not need to take out your wallet in order to get past any missions.

Honkai: Star Rail remains completely free-to-play and has plenty of in-game rewards to help you achieve your goals and aim for Character and Light Cone Events. As long as you are smart with your stash and patience, you should be able to get just enough in Star Rail Passes and Stellar Jades to get what you want no matter the banner.

Is There In-Game Spending in Honkai: Star Rail?

That being said, there are options in the game to spend money. This can occur anywhere from purchasing the Battle Pass which will unlock many more rewards in addition to the ones you have achieved to the Daily Sign-In Rewards which will grant you extra Stellar Jades each day you log in. 

Then there is the shop itself where you can turn money into Oneiric Shards, these can convert to currency in the game that you can use on a number of things. For a more in-depth guide about the Oneiric Shards, be sure to check out our guide.

So while the game is free-to-play, do not underestimate just how much you can get in-game just by working hard and completing missions. At the end of the day, you should play in moderation and spend rationally when playing any game, especially a gacha game like Honkai: Star Rail. 

When you begin the game, there are plenty of starter events such as Trailblazing Will that will get you 10 Star Rail Passes with each great achievement you accomplish by way of passing Level 5, 15, 25, and 35. There are also many more Novice Events that can get you up to 80 Free Wishes altogether to use how you like, so be sure to check out that guide first before spending any money.

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If you do find yourself able to spend a bit of money, then be sure to do so wisely! Here are some important tips on what is best to spend your currency on and what deals you should be taking advantage of in the Shop.

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