What is the Express Supply Pass in Honkai: Star Rail? – Answered

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The most dangerous but fulfilling thing about Gacha games is those sweet rewards you pay for. Whether it is in the Battle Pass or the Daily Rewards. In Honkai: Star Rail with Hoyoverse as its publisher, you better believe there are some options for spending a buck to get some Stellar Jades for characters.

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What is the Express Rail Pass in Honkai: Star Rail?

The Express Supply Pass is the daily reward you get for logging in each day on Honkai: Star Rail. It does come with a price tag, however at $4.99 USD. This is actually one of the most valuable shop options that have been presented in Genshin Impact as well. If you are good about logging in each day, it may just well be worth its price.

The Express Rail Pass is good for 30 days and will reward you with 90 Stellar Jades each day for a total of 2700 Stellar Jades over the course of a month. You will also get Oneiric Shards for purchasing the Express Supply Pass. Which can be converted to Stellar Jades for an exact 1:1 ratio. Altogether, you get 3000 Stellar Jades which is nearly two 10-pulls for whichever Warp banner you want to spend them on. 

How Do You Convert Oneiric Shards into Stellar Jades in Honkai: Star Rail?

You can either remain on the Store Page or collect Oneiric Shards for later use when the game eventually comes out with Skins. Because you know Hoyoverse is going to try it…

You will just head over to where you can see the Oneiric Shards and Steller Jades displayed in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. Clicking on Oneiric Shards will give you the opportunity to attempt to lead you to the Oneiric Pouch Section of the Honkai: Star Rail Shop. While Clicking on the Stellar Jades will allow you to convert the Oneiric Shards into Stellar Jades (if you have Oneiric Shards, as I clearly do not). You can choose however many you would like to convert or just do all of them depending on how many you want to save vs spend.

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Keep up with us as we look into the different Shops and Deals that Honkai: Star Rail is offering and what can benefit you most as a player.

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