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What Should You Spend Your Currency On in Honkai Star Rail? – Answered

Being rich can mean several things in this game

by Patrick Souza

Credits, Stellar Jades, Undying Embers, and Starglitters… There’s no shortage of currencies in Honkai Star Rail, and each has a distinct purpose and unique ways of being obtained. It’s easy to feel lost about those various currencies, but spending them wisely is a must if you wanna get as many characters/Light Cones as possible. So here we’ll present you with the best choices for spending those hard-earned currencies.

What Should You Spend Your Currency On in Honkai Star Rail?

You can use most currencies in the Shop tab in the game’s menu. These are generally the best ways of spending all the currency you obtain by exploring the universe.

  • Stellar Jade: Star Rail Special Pass
  • Undying Starlight: 5-star Light Cones, Star Rail Special Pass/Star Rail Pass
  • Undying Embers: Star Rail Special Pass/Star Rail Pass, Tracks of Destiny
  • Hertareum: Shadow of Destruction, Recipe: Topological Acceleration Band
  • Credits: Leveling Characters, Traces, and Relics

Those are the priorities for each of the currencies. Curious about why these are the best choices? Keep reading below.

Stellar Jade

The game’s main gacha currency is obtained by completing missions, opening Treasure Chests, and other activities. Their main utility is getting new characters and Light Cones, which is what we’re using them for. In general, they’re best spent on limited event banners.

It’s highly recommended that you don’t spend them in the Departure Warp or the Regular Warp banners. Star Rail Passes (those banners’ currencies) are easily obtained through the game as starter rewards, Character Ascension, Trailblaze Level rewards, and many other ways, while Special Passes are way harder to come by naturally.

You’ll naturally complete the 50-pull pity in the Departure Warp banner or the Regular Warp, so refrain from spending Jades on those banners unless you REALLY cannot hold yourself to get that new 5-star. 

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Undying Starlight

Those are obtained whenever you get a 4-star Light Cone or a repeated character. You can get Star Passes tickets for 20 Starglitter each (around 2,5 Light Cones/repeated characters). These are valuable if you’re next to getting a 5-star from a banner. Just like with Stellar Jades, Special Passes are the priority.

But aside from extra rolls, Star Rail offers you any standard banner 5-star Light Cones for 600 Starlight. Repeating: this is a guaranteed 5-star item for the equivalent price of buying 30 Passes with Starlight. If you’re just as unlucky as me, this is by far the most valuable way of spending this currency.

Screenshot by Prima Games

If your final goal is to get more characters, getting Special Passes simply might be a better choice, but Light Cones are invaluable for completing the game’s most difficult challenges, such as the Simulated Universe. 

Alternatively, you can also buy a copy of two selected 4-star characters for 140 Starglitter each. All items (except Passes) can be bought once, and the store refreshes each month on the 1st.

Undying Embers

You’ll get a few Embers alongside 3-star Light Cones in every banner. Those are best spent on more Passes for both banners. The Special Pass is, once again, the priority. After getting those “free” extra rolls, you can spend the remaining Embers in resources for leveling your characters. 

Just like the Undying Starlight Store, resources are re-stocked every month, so make sure you have enough Undying Embers to get more Passes as soon as they arrive.

Hertareum and Local Currency

These are obtained by completing various Adventure Missions and other side objectives, and you’ll first come across shops that exchange them for some unique rewards when meeting Wen Shiqi in Herta Space Station’s Master Control Zone. Your priority is to get the Destruction Trailblazer’s Eidolon Projection for 500 Hertareum as this is a unique item. 

Screenshot by Prima Games

Other instances of Hertareum shops will be unlocked as you progress through the game, each one featuring Eidolons and exclusive Recipes, which you should also be looking out for. Aside from that, those shops offer mostly regular resources, so this is another good source of them if you don’t feel like farming them.

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The game’s main resource. Almost everything you do requires Credits, but they’re just as easy to get through missions, Calyxes and various other activities. They’re mostly spent when leveling your characters or Relics, but don’t be afraid to use them in shops you find around the galaxy.

So in summary, getting Special Passes is usually the best option for spending your currency, unless you really need other resources. If said currency cannot be spent that way, use them as needed. Save them whenever possible and don’t be afraid to throw it all at your favorite character until it comes home. Can’t travel through the galaxy without a top-tier waifu/husbando at your side.

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