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All Voice Actors in Honkai: Star Rail Listed

Chinese and Korean VAs to be added at a later date.

by Jordan Lemons

One of the most renowned features that Hoyoverse will always be known for is its voice acting, and with Honkai: Star Rail out, you know there’s bound to be new and old voices to familiarize yourself with. Hoyoverse typically releases their games in English with options to download the different languages later on. Since the game is new, they only have Japanese, Chinese, and Korean available for downloading. Here are all the English and Japanese voice actors in Honkai: Star Rail.

All English and Japanese Voice Actors Listed

CharacterEnglish Voice ActorJapanese Voice Actor
ArlanDani ChambersShiraishi Ryoko
AstaFelecia AngelleAkasaki Chinatsu
BailuSi Ling ChanKato Emiri
Blade[TBU]Miki Shinichiro
BronyaMadeline ReitarAsumi Kana
ClaraEmily Sun & D.C. DouglasHidaka Rina & Yasumoto Hiroki
Dan HengNicholas LeungIto Kent
Fu Xuan[TBU]Miku Ito
GepardBryson BaugusHurukawa Makoto
HertaPJ MattsonYamazaki Haruka
HimekoCia CourtTanaka Rie
HookFelecia AngelleTokui Sora
Jing YuanAlejandro SaabOno Daisuke
KafkaCheryl TexieraIto Shizuka
Luka [TBU][TBU]
LuochaCraig Lee ThomasIshida Akira
March 7thSkylar DavenportOgura Yui
NatashaElizabeth MaxwellUchiyama Yumi
PelaXanthe HuynhMorohoshi Sumire
QingqueBryn ApprillDate Arisa
SampoRoger RoseHirakawa Daisuke
SeeleMolly ZhangNakahara Mai
ServalNatalie Van SistineAimi
Silver WolfMelissa FahnAsumi Kana
SushangAnjali Kunapaneni Fukuen Misato
TingyunLaci MorgonTakada Yuuki
Trailblazer MaleCaleb YenJunya Enoki
Trailblazer FemaleRachael ChauYui Ishikawa
WeltCorey LandisHosoya Yoshimasa
YangqingAmber MayInoue Marina
YukongDawn M. BennettYumi Tōma
Information from the Honkai: Star Rail Official Site

How to Download Another Language in Honkai: Star Rail

The process is fairly easy, although you may want to make sure that you have plenty of room on your computer first. Honkai: Star Rail is a fairly new game so the languages won’t be as chonky as some of Hoyoverse’s other games, but it still needs some room. Just like in other games, you are able to delete certain languages as well in order to make more room. Instead of hitting the language from the drop-down menu, you’ll instead go to Voice Pack Resource Management to pick the language you want to delete.

  1. Hit Escape to go to your Menu
  2. Find the Cog Icon and Click it
  3. Find the Funky-Looking “i” with a Swirl to find Languages
  4. Click the Drop-Down Menu under Voices (Not Text unless you know that language well)
  5. Select Preferred Language and Begin Downloading

Once the Language is finished downloading, you’ll receive a prompt asking if you’d like to switch over, and voila! A whole new set of voice actors!

Chinese and Korean voice actors will be added at a later date when it is confirmed who has voiced which character. While the game does include the name in-game for your perusal, it is only listed if you have that character. For… some reason, Hoyoverse likes to remain very secretive. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about friendship since the lines are readily available for when you do attain characters that are added to your Data Bank.

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Honkai: Star Rail is currently available for download on PC, Android, and iOS users. Not all the characters listed here are available, so be sure to check out our Beginner Banner Guides and the Exclusive Character Banners running at this time to begin choosing who you’d like to add to your team.

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