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Is High Velocity Ammo Good in COD MW2? – Answered

The placebo is strong.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Season 2 Reloaded MW2

It didn’t take long after the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for players to start placing High Velocity ammo on nearly every single assault rifle class. In any COD game, having higher bullet velocity is a massive advantage and these could even be tuned for greater range.

Nearly every loadout has featured the velocity ammo for ARs in the Call of Duty League, as well as in Ranked Play modes. With the latest removal of weapon tuning in ranked though, loadouts have come into question, and High Velocity ammo may not be as useful as it seems in MW2 Multiplayer.

COD MW2 – Is High Velocity Ammo Worth Using?

Based on what players think the velocity ammo does, the attachment is not worth using in any capacity when playing on Multiplayer maps. In a recent video from TheXclusiveAce on YouTube, the specialized ammo was tested on the meta TAQ-56 alongside standard ammo.

What TheXclusiveAce found was that there was no difference in how much time it took for bullets to land regardless of whether the weapon had High Velocity or not, as long as the range was below 60 meters. The main catch is that nearly every angle in Multiplayer will feature a lane that is less than 60 meters. As long as your TAQ-56 has the Tundra Barrel equipped, there will be no change in velocity for nearly every encounter.

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When tuning was allowed in Ranked Play, the ammo could at least be tuned for better damage range, which was a good benefit. After that was removed as well, you probably want to stay away from High Velocity ammunition in COD MW2. It won’t hurt your weapon, but it won’t help it either.

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