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Is FIFA 23 Down? – How to Check FIFA 23 Server Status

Is the game down? Who's to say.

by Jesse Vitelli

FIFA 23, like all online games, will inevitably have some server issues. This can be incredibly frustrating to fans trying to play Ultimate Team or any of the other online modes with their friends. Here is how to check if FIFA 23 is down and its server status.

Is FIFA 23 Down? – How to Check FIFA 23 Server Status

The first place players should look to check the server status is the official EA Help page. Here you’ll find the latest updates about the FIFA 23 servers. As of writing this, 12 pm EST on September 27, 2022, the servers are experiencing many issues.

“Issues with our online services” is a pop-up message that will show up when problems are arising as soon as you enter the page.

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Another great place to always look when having server troubles is the official Twitter account. The account will tweet out if the game is having a significant enough problem affecting all of the player base. While it won’t always announce problems if they are more minor, it’s always a great spot to check if you’re having server issues, as it might give you a glimpse into if the problem is on EA’s end.

Third-party websites like DownDetector can be helpful in these scenarios as well. While not an official EA resource for FIFA 23, it’s still a smart place to check if any other users are reporting an issue with the servers. At the very least, it might give you some peace of mind knowing this isn’t a problem specifically with your internet.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about if FIFA 23 is down and how to check the server status. Be sure to bookmark this page if you continue to have issues using the resources we’ve provided to identify the problem quickly.