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Is ESO Down? How to Check Elder Scrolls Online’s Server Status

by Nikola L

Not being able to connect to the server of your beloved MMO can be quite infuriating or even unsettling at times. And for Elder Scrolls Online players, many questions can pop up when a disconnect happens and the game goes down:

  • Is it me? Is my internet router working?
  • Is it my ISP? Is there a power outage somewhere?
  • Is ESO under regular maintenance at the moment?
  • Is ESO perhaps down because of a crash?
  • Could it be that a whale or a shark accidentally broke the Internet fiber connection between continents and we are at a dawn of a doomsday?

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Many of today’s online services have their “down detector” or “server status” websites where you can immediately check the status of the service you are trying to use, which immediately resolves most of the doubts and concerns you may have with your own Internet connection.

Is ESO Down? How to Check Elder Scrolls Online’s Server Status

We have found a couple of official and unofficial websites where you can look for information on whether The Elder Scrolls Online is online or offline at the moment:

Official Service Alerts can be found here on the official The Elder Scrolls Online page.

Unofficially, Down Detector is a site that is (mostly) reliable and can be used to investigate the status of many services.

Finally, ESO Server Status is a site that is built specifically to show the status of The Elder Scrolls Online across different platforms the MMO is playable on.

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