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Is Dead Silence Nerfed in Modern Warfare 2? – Answered

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Dead Silence

Alongside features like skill-based matchmaking, Dead Silence has become one of the hottest topics from the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 beta. Based on the last couple of weekends from the Open Beta period, players have been compiling clips of the popular Field Upgrade, and it appears to have been nerfed when compared to Modern Warfare 2019.

In general, players already considered footsteps to be too useful in Modern Warfare 2019 and the Dead Silence Field Upgrade wasn’t doing enough. If the upgrade got a nerf in 2022, those issues would be enhanced in theory, and movement will be even tougher. We’ll go over what has changed about the Field Upgrade and whether Dead Silence was nerfed in this Modern Warfare 2 iteration.

Modern Warfare 2 – Is Dead Silence Nerfed?

When looking at clips of the Modern Warfare 2 Open Beta, or if you jumped in yourself, it’s pretty clear that Dead Silence has a similar format to 2019. However, there is an animation that you have to complete before it activates. Upon use, you’ll have to pull out an item and activate the silent footsteps, which is already a slight nerf to the Field Upgrade. But that’s not all that has seemingly changed.

What you may not know from the normal perspective is that Dead Silence has been making a noise when activated in Modern Warfare 2. When you pull the Field Upgrade out, there have been plenty of clips showing that a beep comes from the direction of the activation. It’s an instant alert to any players who are listening in the area. So not only is there a required animation before you can move silently but there is also an initial audio cue.

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Mix the audio problems with a glow as well, and now players are unhappy with how Dead Silence works in the new game. Considering how loud footsteps are, and the lack of a Ninja perk, camping is becoming more concerning. As of now, the definitive answer to whether the Field Upgrade was nerfed is a resounding yes. Infinity Ward has said they will lower footstep volume by launch, but only time will tell if Dead Silence gets some love in the process.

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