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Is Buying the Teddy Bear Worth It in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life – Answered

Purchase the Teddy Bear of your nightmares.

Every time Van makes his way to Forgotten Valley, he brings with him a variety of items to sell to the locals. These include tools, clothing, stat drinks, and more. Usually, the items are fairly priced, and if you are friends with him, you can often haggle with him to reduce the price. There is just one singular item that costs an extraordinary amount of money. That item is the Teddy Bear. With a price so high, players are left wondering whether the Teddy Bear is worth buying in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life at all.

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Is the Teddy Bear Worth the Price in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life?

While there are numerous changes between the original game and the remake, the price of the Teddy Bear is the most head-scratching of all. The price of the Teddy Bear increased from a reasonable 1200G in the GameCube version to a whopping 1,000,000G in the remake. This makes the Teddy Bear the most expensive item in the game by far.

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As the game spans numerous years, players will have bought all of the farm upgrades, tool upgrades, and cosmetic upgrades in the early years. You will eventually have nothing to spend your money on as time goes by and it makes sense to have a money sink in the game. The catch, however, is that there is a Teddy Bear cutscene that unlocks in Year 3. You must have the Teddy Bear by then to unlock and view the cutscene, just like the original. This is quite the undertaking though, and players will have to work hard with this goal in mind from the start to maximize profits in anticipation of the purchase.

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Unfortunately, the vast majority of players who have worked hard to purchase the Teddy Bear in the tight timeframe have reported online that they have still been unable to unlock the cutscene. It seems that your child will still write about the creepy bear in their diary without witnessing said scene. With such an inflated price which means a significant early game grind to achieve, and a singular cutscene from the original that players have been unable to unlock in the remake, it is hard to say that it is currently worth it to buy the Teddy Bear in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life. If you have nothing else to spend money on, go for it and purchase it. But, until cutscene confirmation is confirmed, the steep price tag does not seem worth the effort.

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life is a fantastic remake of the original GameCube release. That said, there are still a range of different aspects to the game that have unclear mechanics to unlock them. The Teddy Bear cutscene is far from alone in this category as it also includes important aspects such as unlocking the third field and obtaining the ducks.

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