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Is Armored Core VI Multiplayer? – Answered

Two mechas are better than one

Long before Souls games were popular as they are now, FromSoftware was already cooking some hot mecha action with the Armored Core series, which is now reaching its sixth title with Armored Core VI Fires of Rubicon. This new mecha-shooter game has taken the world aback since its reveal last year, and will soon be hitting the stores too.

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And the only thing that’s cooler than piloting a mass-destruction mecha is to pilot it alongside your pals. But is there a multiplayer option in Armored Core VI?

Does Armored Core VI have Multiplayer?

Armored Core VI is confirmed to feature multiplayer modes. According to some rumors, it might include up to six players at once, possibly in a 3v3 arena mode. Some more optimistic rumors claim that it might even reach a massive 6v6 battle mode, but these are only rumors until now, and we can’t confirm the exact maximum number just yet.

But the game’s director Masaru Yamamura made himself clear during his GameSpot interview where he affirmed that the game’s multiplayer experience exists mostly to complement single-player, in the most FromSoftware fashion ever. Souls titles are known for having multiplayer, but it’s never the biggest feature in the game as they’re mostly lone experiences.

And if we can take their previous approaches to multiplayer as a blueprint, we’ll probably not be seeing Crossplay here. Elden Ring hasn’t received crossplay support as of now, and none of their previous titles did either. PC players will very likely only be able to enjoy some mecha combat only with other PC players, and so on.

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This might change in the future as this game has definitely the potential to be a big online thing, especially considering how FromSoftware has grown since their very first Armored Core titles. There will be a huge batch of new players eager to experience another masterpiece crafted by their hands, and I’m sure they would definitely enjoy some enhanced online play.

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