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All Armored Core Games – Listed

You know FromSoftware existed before Souls, right?

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
All Armored Core Games - Listed

Although in the last 10 years or so, they have been associated exclusively with Souls games, some of us remember FromSoftware from the PlayStation 2 era and even the first Xbox when the Japanese studio made some very different titles. Their history even goes back to the early times of the first PlayStation, with the King’s Field games, some kind of proto-Souls that didn’t get much traction then. So FromSoftware started another franchise in 1997 – Armored Core.

When it was revealed at this year’s The Game Awards that the creators of the Souls series and Elden Ring were returning to their roots with the new Armored Core sequel, many new FromSoftware fans were left confused. Are they making a new Souls game with robots now? Well, not quite, son. Let’s dive into the long history of the Armored Core series to get a better picture of what exactly to expect from Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon.

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All Armored Core Games – The Complete List

Get ready for a long list of all Armored Core games; although it seems that there have only been five mainline titles so far, this series has been marked by numerous prequels, spin-offs, mobile and portable games, and whatnot. What’s particularly cool is that the same ol’ FromSoftware worked on all these games from start to finish, with no additional studios or off-brand spin-offs. So, let’s dive into the rich history of Armored Core.

Armored Core PlayStation Originals

  • Armored Core (1997) – 3rd-person mecha shooter that started it all on the first PlayStation.
  • Armored Core: Project Phantasma (1997) – A prequel to the first Armored Core, a PlayStation title as well.
  • Armored Core: Master of Arena (1999) – A direct sequel to the prequel… are you following? The last game for the first PlayStation.

Armored Core PlayStation 2 Sequels, 1st Reboot and Japanese Mobile Games

  • Armored Core 2 (2000) – The first game on the PlayStation 2, the story continues from the previous two prequels.
  • Armored Core 2: Another Age (2001) – Direct sequel to Armored Core 2 and the final game in the original continuity.
  • Armored Core 3 (2002) – Next mainline release for PlayStation 2 acts like a complete reboot of the series.
  • Silent Line: Armored Core (2003) – A direct sequel/expansion for Armored Core 3.
  • Armored Core: Nexus (2003) – Another PlayStation 2 release, a full-fledged sequel to Armored Core 3.
  • Armored Core: Mobile Mission (2004) – This rather simplistic game for 2004s mobile devices, with a top-down view.
  • Armored Core: Nine Breaker (2004) – A PlayStation 2 spin-off to 2003’s Armored Core: Nexus
  • Armored Core: Formula Front (2004) – A launch title for PSP in Japan, a spin-off to the Armored Core series.
  • Armored Core: Last Raven (2004) – A direct sequel to 2003’s Armored Core: Nexus, also on PlayStation 2.
  • Armored Core: Mobile 2 (2005) – 3rd person action game for mobile phones in Japan.
  • Armored Core: Mobile Online (2005) – Another Japan-only mobile game that introduced even an online co-op mode.

Armored Core PlayStation 3 / Xbox 360 Era and PSP Re-Releases

  • Armored Core 4 (2006) – 2nd reboot of the series and the first Armored Core game for the PlayStation 3/X360 generation.
  • Armored Core: Mobile 3 (2007) – Mobile spin-off exclusive to Japanese mobile phones, played via From’s FromCapsule service.
  • Armored Core: Mobile 4 (2008) – Yet another Japan-only mobile game, so obscure you won’t find anything about it online.
  • Armored Core: For Answer (2008) – Direct sequel to Armored Core 4, for PlayStation 3/X360, described as vehicular combat.
  • Armored Core 3 Portable (2009) – Port of 2002’s Armored Core 3 for PlayStation Portable.
  • Armored Core: Silent Line Portable (2009) – Port of 2003’s Silent Line: Armored Core for PlayStation Portable.
  • Armored Core: Last Raven Portable (2010) – Port of 2004’s Armored Core: Last Raven for PlayStation Portable.

Final Days of the Armored Core Series and a Return

  • Armored Core V (2012) – Not a reboot, but an indirect sequel to Armored Core 4 and Armored Core: For Answer, it brought back a more traditional Armored Core gameplay. This is the first Armored Core game released after the success of Dark Souls (2011). Released for PlayStation 3/X360.
  • Armored Core: Verdict Day (2013) – Direct sequel to Armored Core V and a final release in the series for another decade that FromSoftware will spend churning out Souls and Souls-like games.
  • Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon (2023) – Return of the series first revealed during The Game Awards 2022, releases on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S in 2023. FromSoft’s Miyazaki and Yamamura emphasized in an interview with IGN that they have avoided “Soulsborne style gameplay,” with the gameplay direction focusing on the traditional Armored Core releases.

So fellow Souls fans and Elden Ring fanatics, have fun binging this whole series in anticipation of the next FromSoftware title. You’re hardcore. Have fun.

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