Armored Core 6: How Does the FCS Work in AC6?

Lock on the enemy!

There are a lot of customization options in Armored Core VI, and knowing how they all work is going to be key in crafting a machine suitable for the missions you’ll face. Whether it’s the weapons on your back or held in your hands, the boosters that you use to traverse the battlefield, or the legs that bear the weight of all that gear, all pieces of your AC are of vital importance. But one of them is a little more confusing than the rest: the FCS.

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How Does the FCS Work in Armored Core 6?

The FCS, or Fire Control System, determines how accurate your weapons are at a given range. Examining the FCS stats shows Close, Medium, and Far aptitudes, with numerical values for each one. Below are the ranges for these three distances:

Note the FCS range assist categories near the bottom of the menu.
Close-Range< 130 meters
Medium-Range130 – 260 meters
Long-Range< 260 meters

The higher the FCS’ value for a given range, the better the target acquisition and tracking of your weapons will be. It’s vital to keep yourself within the range(s) that your FCS is best suited for, which means being quicker on your feet to keep distance in the “far” category and being well-armored if you’re getting up close and personal. It’s indicated on your targeting reticle if you are unsure how far an enemy is.

You’ll know you’re hard-locked onto a target when the red reticle is hovering over them, this means your shots will predict enemy movement and be less likely to miss. This is especially crucial when facing fast-moving enemies and using non-homing weapons like kinetic guns and laser rifles. Also, remember that using the lock-on system reduces your overall accuracy. The tradeoff is keeping your enemy in view, but if you want to hit more shots be sure to turn it off. You can always swap between using lock-on and not during hectic encounters!

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