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Is ARK: Survival Ascended Down? How to Check ARK: Survival Ascended Server Status

There are many potential causes with few solutions

Are you experiencing connection, server, or general crashing issues in ARK: Survival Ascended and want to determine the root cause? Here are a few ways to check ARK’s server status and narrow down the possibilities.

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How to Check ARK: Survival Ascended Server Status

The best resources to use to check ARK: Survival Ascended’s server status is DownDetector and social media accounts such as their X (formally Twitter) page. While these pages also show information for Survival Evolved, Ascended’s predecessor, you’ll often find valuable details about Ascended’s status, including any server outages and other major issues planned for a fix in future patches.

Below are other pages you can visit to check its server status or get involved in game discussions:

In other words, while it may be a client-side issue, it may also be a server-side or even server-hosting error, depending on the situation and whether your problems are multiplayer server-related.

Since ARK: Survival Ascended’s release, several updates have released from Studio Wildcard to address major crashing issues, particularly those that appeared at launch. Over time, they’ll continue to add more features and fix problems that arise. If there is a server outage or significant bug currently, it may take some time for a hotfix to emerge.

If you’re having recurring issues with ARK: Survival Ascended, check if you have Ark’s recommended PC specs and a stable internet connection before jumping into your next game. Since high-end PCs also struggle with performance on high settings, those that reach minimum or just below recommended will have to fine-tune their settings, bringing most visuals down to low or medium to prevent crashing.

If you are already in-game and are interested in exploring mods, check out the five best mods for ARK: Survival Ascended, or click the game tag below to explore our growing content list.

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