The Five Best Mods for ARK: Survival Ascended

Who doesn't like a good mod?

Image of in-game dinosaur in Ark: Survival Ascended.
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While ARK: Survival Ascended hasn’t gotten off to the best start with middling player reception, developer Studio Wildcard has implemented a robust modding system for all platforms. It’s a plus for players on consoles, and the best mods can make your experience a tad better in ARK: Survival Ascended.

Best Mods to Improve Your Experience in ARK: Survival Ascended

As of this article’s writing, ASA is still new, and so the modding scene is far more meager than ARK: Survival Evolved. That said, there are some mods that I found to be useful to the player experience. Below is a rundown of those mods.

Automated Ark

The new and improved Automated Ark mod from Evolved is now available in Ascended. It’s a lightweight, vanilla-themed build of Automated Ark without custom models or textures to appeal to players who care about its functionality more.

With it, you can adjust the crafting speed, alter the range of pull form and push to structures and crafting stations, and change how many storage slots are available. The mod is versatile and adjustable if you fancy manually tweaking different aspects of Ascended.

Utilities Plus

Utilities Plus might arguably be the best mod you can install now for Ark: Survival Ascended. It can allow you to use specific items endlessly, like a Torch, Flare Gun, or Parachute. Reusable items in a survivor title do curb some of the difficulty, but if you’re tired of the song and dance of resource management, this one is for you.

Additions Ascended Pack

For those who want to add animals to Ascended, the entire Additions Ascended mod pack will scratch that itch. In total, there are five of these mods available, each bringing an animal of some kind to the game world.

For instance, you can add Brachiosaurus, and taming one will allow them to switch seamlessly between gathering and defense. Keep an eye on mods from this pack if this speaks to you.

Super Cryopod

The Super Cryopod mod is a recent addition that allows players to store and release dinosaurs more easily. Moreover, the mod adds a Super Cryo Collection and Super Cryo Gun to Ascended, which you can unlock at level 51.

Green Screen Builds

Lastly, if you like to create thumbnails or take in-game pics with your character, the Green Screen Builds mod aims to add structures to allow you to make nicer photoshoots. However, due to the lighting system in Ascended, the green structures might glow. The creator has stated they plan to fix the issue soon.

As mentioned, ASA’s modding scene is small now, but over time, you’ll find no shortage of awesome mods to play around with as the game receives patches and new content.

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