Is Alan Wake 2 PS5 Performance Good? – Answered

Shouldn't have too much issue.

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Alan Wake 2 is set to release very, very soon, but performance on consoles and PC is naturally a big question before purchasing. Here’s whether Alan Wake 2’s PS5 performance is any good.

Will Alan Wake 2 Run Well on PS5?

While we don’t have any real-world performance to work with just yet, Alan Wake 2 does have one thing going for it. Remedy Entertainment has confirmed that while the game will run at 30 FPS on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S by default, it will also be getting a Performance mode that increases the framerate to 60 FPS. This will of course come at a cost to visual quality, but having that upgrade in performance is huge.

As for how well that will work, we only have the word of Remedy Communications Director Thomas Puha to go off of. According to him, he’s “really happy” with how Alan Wake 2 performs on consoles. The team allegedly focused on them a ton throughout the entirety of development, alongside PC, so that all would run at strong framerates. Hopefully, this means things should never drop below the target framerates (or at least not often), though we’ll need to wait and see there.

If it’s any consolation, we can use Remedy’s previous game Control to see how it could possibly perform. On current-gen consoles, Control runs at 1440p 30FPS in Graphics mode (which adds raytracing), while the Performance Mode runs at 1440p 60FPS. Both are upscaled to 4K by the consoles themselves. Given that very few people have complained about either, and seem to be pleased with performance, it should be a good sign.

If you’re looking into more details about the game before launch, check out our guide on whether Alan Wake 2 is coming to Steam.

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