The Season of Dawn is currently underway in the world of Destiny 2. This period of content has brought plenty of activities for Guardians to partake in to earn some rewards and make some fantastic memories. One of these activities introduced in the Season of Dawn was the Sundial, which has different bosses appear in it throughout the Season of Dawn. Players will find that Inotam is one of these bosses and will be making its debut in the looter-shooter shortly. 

Inotam Destiny 2

 The arrival date of Inotam was revealed to the community in the official roadmap for the Season of Dawn that was created by Bungie. Players will be able to face off against Intom in the Sundial activity beginning on February 4th. 

 Inotam Destiny 2

Unfortunately, this future arrival date means players who were hoping to jump right into the fan-favorite game and destroy this particular boss will be unable to do so until February 4th rolls around. There are sure to be plenty of Guardians joining together to enter the Sundial on February 4th and meet Inotam face to face for the very first time. 

Those who can defeat Inotam on Legend difficulty or higher in the Sundial will be rewarded with the Legendary Psion triumph. You will need to have this triumph in your possession if you wish to collect the Savior Title for Season of Dawn. 

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