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inFAMOUS: Second Son Beginner’s Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Looking back at the first hours of inFAMOUS: Second Son, it’s clear we could have used a few pointers. With this in mind, it’s time to roll out some tips to help you get off to a great start.

Choose Your Path

One of the primary choices that players make is to play through the game with Good or Evil Karma. Not only does this impact the overall vibe from the city, it also changes the available missions, along with alternate endings. The difference between the two play styles comes down to effort. If you want to blow things up and kill everyone, perhaps Evil Karma is ideal. However, if you’re looking for a rewarding story and positive interactions with the environment, go with a Good Karma play through first. No matter what you decide, follow the chosen path, then do it over again with the opposite.

Stick to the Rooftops

The more time you spend at ground level in Second Son, the more opposition you’ll run into. If that’s your thing, maybe you’ll want to ignore this tip. For those looking to go from one mission to another without being hassled by the D.U.P., jumping from rooftop to rooftop is the best bet. In fact, those that opt for the Good Karma play though should do this anyway. Fighting on the street leads to collateral damage, halting your progress at becoming a true hero. Even if you’re going for an Evil Karma run, the rooftops make a great highway and still allow you to choose when and where you fight.

Collect Blast Shards

For those that don’t know, Blast Shards upgrade your powers and unlock more. You can find them at the Core Relay stations within the D.U.P. controlled area in each district, in Tracker Drones or even at various checkpoints scattered throughout Seattle. Collect as many as you possibly can. The difficulty level of Second Son gradually increases as you go. While the first few missions can be easily completed without beefed up powers, some of the later ones get nearly impossible if you don’t have enough Blast Shards. To find the location of Tracker Drones and checkpoints that have these valuable resources, destroy the D.U.P. controlled Core Relay in your current district (also indicated on the map).

Clear Entire Districts

No matter what type of karma you opted to go with, nothing is more annoying than having to travel four districts over to reach a mission start point, stopping to fight every five steps. If you haven’t done so already, pausing the game will show you the location of the Core Relay in your current district. Once it’s destroyed (after a formidable battle), the location of all areas of interest will show up on the map. As soon as you lower the D.U.P.’s control over a district below 30 percent, a District Showdown can be initiated to expel them permanently. The ultimate goal is to reduce all districts to zero percent, meaning you can walk through that area without any fear of attack. Not only does this make travel much easier, it will unlock the Prank Call and One Down trophies.

Earn Karmic Streaks

Karma, as you might have guessed, plays a big role in this game. It doesn’t just affect the story and mood of things, though, it can also be used as a powerful weapon against Delsin’s adversaries. If you decided to go with Good Karma, saving civilians and subduing your enemies will build toward a Karmic Streak. If you’re going for the Evil Karma, it’s earned killing foes, executing surrendered enemies or even slaying civilians. Save these Karmic Streaks for when you’re completely out-gunned and surrounded. Just stand in the middle of the chaos and press Down on the directional pad. You’re welcome.


While these tips will go a long way to getting you started, there are plenty of places where this game can trip you up. Check out our Free Walkthrough, which will act as a guide for Good and Evil Karma, as well as the game’s challenging boss battles.

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