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How To Unlock Truth In Destiny 2

by John Cooper

Season of Opulence arrived in Destiny 2 last week, bringing with it a plethora of new content for Guardians to work their way through. One of the most exciting parts of any new content drop comes in the form of the new or updated Exotic weapons. These are the things that many players will happily spend hours upon hours grinding out.

The latest Exotic weapon to appear thanks to Season of Opulence is Truth, a rocket launcher with impressive homing capabilities. That means you need to know how to unlock Truth in Destiny 2, which is why we’ve put together this little guide to help you do so. 

How To Unlock Truth In Destiny 2

This a multi-stage process, so get ready. The first thing you need to do is finish up the Imperial Summons quest line to unlock the Power Surge items and hit 690 Power too. Once that is done we’re off to the Menagerie to go and fight the boss there. Defeating them nets you an Awoken note which will need translating. 

To get this note translated you need to head to the Dreaming City and have a chat with Petra Venj who can help you out. At this point, you need to get the Ascendant Challenge Bounty from her and go and complete it to get A Map Asunder. This item will give you four different things to do to grab the pieces to complete it. These seem to vary from person to person, so follow them along, and it will bring you to the next stage. 

Once you’ve completed the pieces of the map, you’ll have to head into the Warden of Nothing strike after consuming a Tincture of Queensfoil. If you’ve completed everything up to this point, you should find Truth waiting for you in a chest at the end of the mission. Congratulations, you know have the Truth rocket launcher. 

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