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How to Whisper in Minecraft

Tell them your deepest secrets

by Patrick Souza

Minecraft has a unique solo experience, but it can be even better when playing with friends. Striving to survive along with a few more heads can be fantastic, though will surely require coordination and communication. Voice chats are usually the answer, but the in-game chat’s also here, and it isn’t for nothing.

If you’re feeling like saying something important to a specific person, the Whisper function is your solution and is quite easy to do in this crafting game. Here’s how you can whisper to other players in Minecraft.

How to Whisper in Minecraft

To send someone a private message, open the in-game chat and type “/whisper” alongside the name of whoever you’re whispering to, i.e “/whisper @Steve”. Only the player Steve will read your message, to which he’ll be able to reply to by using the same commands. Alternatively, you can also use “/w”, “/tell”, or “/msg” for an individual message. All commands work the same, and you can just use whichever you like.

The chatbox can be opened by using the correct key, which varies depending on your platform. The default key for PC versions is T, while most controllers have it set to the right D-Pad button.

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Sending private messages is especially useful when playing on an open-world server full of people you’ve never met in your life and whom you wouldn’t like to know about random things that only you and your friend should know about. There are always good uses of whispers in games.

Minecraft is available for PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Series S/X, PS4, PS5, Android, and iOS. You can find more guides, tips, and tricks about building the perfect cubic world here on Prima Games, such as how to make green dyes for your decorations or how to build chests for storing your items.

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