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How to Walk on PC in Honkai: Star Rail

I have cracked the code

One of Honkai: Star Rail’s biggest mysteries has been unveiled, the ability to walk. It might seem like a simple task for mobile users, but the trick has eluded PC gamers who have been painstakingly looking over the controls in the menu for an option other than running and running faster. Finally, we have done it, all it took was dropping something on my keyboard.

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How to Walk Around on PC in Honkai: Star Rail

It was by complete accident that I found this. I had long since given up hope for my aesthetics of taking a stroll through the city or following after a character as they lead me on my journey. Although, Honkai: Star Rail has a habit of making their characters run around when it comes to following missions. Aside from one instance, I really do not think that there are many chances to walk in this game. However, it is far too important for me to know that I can do so. 

For mobile users and eventually, console users, they will be able to just nudge the joystick and be able to walk about. However, for PC users, we do not exactly have that option with the WASD. Checking over the keys in the key binding section of your settings will not reveal much either. But what do you know, there is indeed an option in Honkai: Star Rail for walking and it starts with a toggle.

Much like their other games, Honkai: Star Rail allows you to toggle Walk Cycle on and off by hitting the Control button. Clicking it, you will enter a Walk cycle and continue to walk until you sprint once again or hit Control again to return back to the Running cycle.

It really should not have taken this long to realize which Key actually enables the character on screen to walk. Control is by far one of the most used keys for Crouching and Strafing in other games. So, it only made sense to me eventually that this would be the key that allows you to walk in Honkai: Star Rail. At the same time, I am pretty sure I toggled Tab in Genshin Impact to let me walk there and so it may just be my own pre-conceived key bindings that confused me.

Regardless, now you can float too. I mean, walk. Walk with all of the delights in the world. You will not know how far this new innovative function will get you. Not very far. You are only walking. Takes longer to get to where you need to be. But you can set up more dramatic shots this way if you are taking screenshots or strolling along with the narrative next to your favorite character. 

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For more of these fascinating stories, be sure to give our Honkai: Star Rail tag a look-see. Each day, there is always more to discover in this enriching game, and you better believe we are following it as close as we can. Be sure also to check out the next most important factoid to learn about in Honkai: Star Rail, can you get run over by the trams in Belabog?

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