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How to Get and Use Delicate Snow Globe in Honkai: Star Rail

Complete with a cute bunny inside

by Patrick Souza
Honkai Star Rail Delicate Snow Globe

There’s an infinity of items in Honkai: Star Rail that you randomly obtain in your journey. You might get them from NPCs, by defeating certain monsters or even by cracking another person’s luggage (as long as you have a free pass for that). Well, among them you can find the Delicate Snow Globe, a cute toy representing a certain girl’s childhood.

Just as with any other item found in the Missions tab, you might be looking for where you can use it. Can you even use it at all? Time to find that out. Here’s how to get and use the Delicate Snow Globe in Honkai: Star Rail.

How to Get and Use Delicate Snow Globe in Honkai: Star Rail

The Delicate Snow Globe is automatically picked up from the ground in the Corridor of Fading Echoes after completing the Trailblaze Mission The Stars Are Cold Toys. This is the same globe you found in The Past Will Return as an Avalanche mission, when Bronya started holding it.

There’s currently no use for the Delicate Snow Globe, and it’s only a souvenir from the Trailblaze Missions in Jarilo-VI. Its description says this is a memento from Bronya’s time at the orphanage, and nothing else. Think of it as a trophy for advancing this far. Visiting Bronya in the Qlipoth Fort won’t allow you to deliver it back for her either.

Honkai Star Rail Delicate Snow Globe Description
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It’s very likely that this item won’t receive any other use for now as those trophies from finishing the main quests are very common in Hoyoverse games (Genshin Impact has a lot of those), but nothing holds it from having some kind of use in a further update

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The Space Station Special Permit you got from Herta Space Station, for example, gives you full access to the previously locked rooms and also serves as the region’s “trophy”. The Snow Globe doesn’t have any similar function, but at least it’s something cute to look at. 

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