How to Visit Your Dream Home in Starfield – Exact Location

Home sweet home.

If you’ve chosen the Dream Home trait in Starfield, you’ll likely want to visit your new destination house and start decorating it. However, it’s not the easiest to find, so let’s talk about how to visit your dream home and its exact location in Starfield.

Starfield’s Dream Home Exact Location

Your Starfield dream home can be found in the Olympus system on the planet Nesoi. It is located southeast of the Alpha Centauri system, where you begin the game. Once you’ve got access to your ship, have completed the opening mission, and have joined the Constellation in New Atlantis, you’ll be able to visit your dream home.

Head over to the Olympus system pictured above and then head to the planet Nesoi. On Nesoi, you’ll see a marker to land directly at your dream home. Land there, and you’ll be able to go inside – if you’ve paid your mortgage, that is.

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Should You Pay Your Mortgage in Starfield for Your Dream Home?

You should pay your Mortgage off in Starfield. You can pay 500 credits for a week of in-game time in your home. If you pay those 500 credits, you’ll have access to your dream home, and the bank will not foreclose on the property. You can also head over to Gal Bank in the Commercial District of New Atlantis to pay off the entire house for 125,000 credits. The bank does not take partial payments, and you’ll need to have all of the credits up front to pay it off.

You can foreclose on your house at any time if you don’t want to deal with the bank anymore, but you’ll lose the property entirely with no way to get it back.

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