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How to Use Quick Slots in Starfield

Don't fumble in combat

Quick slots are the best way to manage your inventory on the fly in any Bethesda game from the past, and Starfield is no different. If you don’t want to shuffle through 500 different items anytime you want to swap weapons, then you need to make use of the quick-keys, and fortunately, they are available immediately.

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How to Use Quick-Keys in Starfield

To use quick-keys or the quick slot system, you need to favorite any usable items in your inventory and then open up the main quick-key menu with the “Q” key or the D-Pad. Regardless of what you have marked, you can always open the quick slot menu, which has 12 different slots for you to assign.

How to Add a New Quick Slot in Starfield:

  • Open up the inventory menu and find a weapon you like.
  • Press the “B” key on a keyboard or “Y/Triangle” on a controller.
  • Select the slot you want to place the item or weapon in.
  • Close the menu and press “Q’ on a keyboard or any direction on the D-Pad for controllers.
  • Confirm your choice to pull out the item or weapon.

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Weapons aren’t the only items you can place within your quick-keys in Starfield. Consumables like med-kits or any buffs are a great use of a slot. You’ll need them in most combat encounters, and you really don’t want to keep opening your inventory every five seconds. Leave that for the sandwiches after the med-kits are gone.

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Keep in mind that the quick slots are limited to 12 spaces, so make sure to manage which weapons you feel are the most important when combat starts. You can always head back into the inventory and unselect an item with the same keys.

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