How to Use Manipulation on Demarcus to Open the Door in Starfield

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Demarcus Manipulation Starfield

Sabotage is one of the more interesting missions in Starfield. The mission begins with Ryujin Industries discovering that Ularu is the mole who has been leaking classified information. From there, you end up getting a brain chip cut into your skull and are tasked with manipulating the surgeon, Demarcus, to open a door. This task can be a bit tricky, so I’ll show you exactly how to do it below!

Starfield: How to Use Manipulation on Demarcus (Sabotage Mission)

To use Manipulation on Demarcus, you’ll need to activate your scanner, hit E while focused on Demarcus, and then select the Manipulation action. This will give you full control over Demarcus’ next actions.

From here, you’ll need to move your cursor over to the keys on the desk nearby and interact with them. This will make Demarcus pick up the keys.

Demarcus Opening the Door (Image via Prima Games)

After Demarcus picks up the keys, you’ll need to manipulate him again by opening up the Scanner and selecting Manipulation once more. Now you can move your cursor over to the nearby door (shown above) and interact with it.

If you guided Demarcus to pick up the keys successfully, he will be able to walk over to the door and open it, prompting the next part of the Sabotage mission!

If you’re anything like me, you let Veena and Demarcus know how dangerous this technology is, and how it should be banned for the greater good. Of course, that was an insult to Veena’s whole career and livelihood, but I just felt like it had to be said! Barrett liked that…

Now that you know how to use Manipulation on Demarcus to open the door, it’s time to get out there and finally complete the Sabotage mission in Starfield!

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