How to Use Belfry Zakara Rusted Key in Diablo 4

A bug in my Diablo game? Unheard of!

There’s a key found only in one place: the Belfry Zakara. And many players have found themselves absolutely confounded about its use or why it’s even in their inventory. Here’s what to do with the Belfry Zakara Rusted Key in Diablo 4.

How to Use the Belfry Zakara Rusted Key in Diablo IV

So, first things first. You’re here for one of two reasons. You’re currently in a dungeon, completing it as normal, and you’ve found the Rusted Key. Or you found the Rusted Key when a dungeon boss dropped it or while exploring the world and your inventory.

If you’re here because the Belfry Zakara dungeon boss dropped it, or you simply found it in your inventory, I have bad news. There isn’t a secret chest or area for you to unlock. The key is simply bugged and should have never dropped from the boss. Likewise, you should have never been able to carry it out of the dungeon after completing it. So, feel free to discard it.

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If you are in the midst of completing the Belfry Dungeon, located in the Rotspill Delta of Hawezar, I have good news! You’re almost done with the dungeon. Now that you’ve defeated the Anchorbound Chaplain, you have his Rusted Key.

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Now, the only thing left to do in the dungeon (besides cleaning up any mobs you might have left alive) is to kill the boss, the Drowned Seahag. Find the locked door, interact with it, and your Rusted Key will be used. It’s possible it might not disappear from your quest item tab. It didn’t for me because, as mentioned earlier, the key is bugged.

If you’re grinding out Renown in Hawezar, Wrack & Ruin is a nice and easy quest that will grab you a few more in Diablo 4.

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