Diablo 4: Ruins of Eridu Dungeon Location

Eridu what you can against the demons.

Ruins of Eridu Diablo 4
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There are over 100 dungeons in Diablo 4, and it can be hard to pinpoint the exact locations you need without the Codex of Power on hand. The Ruins of Eridu Dungeon is another one of those spots that can be tough to find, and I have the exact location for you in this guide. Here’s the location of the Ruins of Eridu dungeon in Diablo 4.

Where to Find the Ruins of Eridu in Diablo 4

The Ruins of Eridu can be found in the Toxic Fens region of Hawezar. One of the easiest ways to find the dungeon is to look for the Vyeresz Stronghold, which is just north of the Toxic Fens. All of these areas are found in the southwestern section of Hawezar, to the east of the major town of Zarbinzet in Diablo 4.

Screenshot by Prima Games.

If you have already completed the Vyeresz Stronghold, then finding the Ruins of Eridu dungeon will be even easier. Completing Vyeresz will leave you with an easy Waypoint, which is located directly to the east of the dungeon. Simply spawn in at this point and move through the western entrance to the ruins themselves.

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Most of the time, I either look for dungeons to complete Grim Favors, take on Nightmare dungeons, or collect some fresh Aspects for the Codex of Power. For anyone that wants the Aspect in particular, you can find the full effect below, and players who main the Necromancer class will definitely want to give the dungeon a second look.

Ruins of Eridu Aspect Effect:

  • Sacrificial Aspect – Your Sacrifice Bonuses are Increased by 15%.
    • Necromancer Only

If you don’t care about the Aspect and you are on the Nightmare Sigil grind instead, I have the perfect guide for you. Check out how to craft Nightmare Sigils in Diablo 4 for easier drops in the game.

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