How to Use Battle Rage in Modern Warfare 3

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Battle Rage Modern Warfare 3
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Battle Rage returns in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and compared to the previous year, the equipment is being used far more for the regeneration benefits. As you jump into the game, you’ll likely see plenty of players using rage and I’m here to help you use it as well, or else you might fall behind.

How to Get Battle Rage in MW3

To use Battle Rage, you need to reach level 11 in Modern Warfare 3 and then equip the item in your tactical slot. Once you have rage equipped, you can jump into a match and use your tactical button each time you spawn to inhale the gas. For me, the tactical item button is “X/A” on a controller, but it will be “L1/LB” by default.

Screenshot by Prima Games.

If you played Modern Warfare 2, then you know that Battle Rage was a Field Upgrade. It took longer to earn in a match and it was used for similar effects. In MW3, it was removed entirely from the Field Upgrade category, along with Dead Silence. Now Battle Rage is much more common and you can even replenish it with a Munitions Box.

The item itself will almost instantly regenerate your health while allowing you to eat flash effects like nothing hit you. Any time I know I’m about to run into a room full of enemies, I inhale the Battle Rage and I get ready to tank more bullets than I thought was possible in the most chaotic of Call of Duty games.

At the time of this writing, Battle Rage is absolutely busted in Modern Warfare 3. If your enemy misses the slightest shot, the regen process will begin. With rage active, it’s common to take up to 300 damage in a single fight, as long as the shots aren’t directly consecutive. So expect to see this nerfed.

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