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Slide Canceling Will Be Different in COD MW3

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The best of both worlds has finally been met in Call of Duty. After the Global Reveal for Modern Warfare 3, slide canceling was one of the mechanics confirmed to make its way into the new releases. However, slide canceling will no longer reset your Tactical Sprint, which is what made the mechanic so important in the past titles.

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Tactical Sprint and slide canceling will both be present in MW3, but there is no longer a need to spam the slide button to move faster. Canceling animations will be easier than ever, and Tac Sprint will have its own cooldown that replenishes, even while you are using the standard sprint.

This is a stark difference compared to the previous title, which was Modern Warfare 2. Slide cancels, and delays in shooting mechanics were present in nearly every way for MW2. The pushback on these changes was made clear enough that Sledgehammer Games took all the requests into account. Now animation cancels, and higher health pools are part of the marketing for MW3.

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There is an entire thread from the Call of Duty X account that you can check out to see all of the upcoming changes. Dead Silence will be more prominent, movement is faster, and MW2 maps will finally make an appearance, to name a few of the notes. Of those three, Dead Silence is another one of the major issues that MW2 had due to the sound of footsteps in the game.

Hopefully, the change to the slide canceling in MW3 will meet a middle ground for the whole player base. Movement speed is back in full swing, but we can all save our controller sticks in the process.

In the meantime, check out all the new weapons in MW2 Season 5 if you need to scratch that COD itch.

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