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How to Upgrade Equipment in Street Fighter Duel

The lesson here is if something's unclear you just haven't played enough

by Lucas White

Based on some of the guides I’ve been writing for this game, it seems like Street Fighter Duel has a bit of an onboarding problem. Which is funny, considering how little this game deviates from the usual “Idle RPG” mobile game formula. Case in point, strengthening equipment is the subject of this article. Pretty basic stuff, and yet players are confused enough to search for it. And it’s justified, to be fair. So here’s how to upgrade equipment in Street Fighter Duel.

How to Upgrade Equipment in Street Fighter Duel

So if you’re following through all the different missions and checklists for Street Fighter Duel in its opening days, you’ve probably seen there’s a reward for upgrading equipment for the first time. And depending on where you are in the game, there’s no indication whatsoever on how to actually do that. And the reason for that, simply put, is you need to play more.

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If you have equipment of the lower rarity tiers, or to be more specific the grey and green-colored items, you can’t do anything with them. Those items are meant to be used for just long enough to get you through the early hours of Street Fighter Duel. Once the blues start rolling in, that’s when the resource grinding begins. So yeah, if it seems unclear how to upgrade your equipment, it’s because you just can’t do it yet. Once you have blue items on your fighters, you’ll start to see notification prompts and the option to upgrade will appear in plain sight.

Make sure to keep all the garbage equipment drops you’ll continue to receive, since you need those to feed the good items for EXP. Blue items can be upgraded three times, while purple items have four levels. I haven’t seen what’s after that yet, but I assume it’s yellow and five levels. I could be wrong, but the stakes are too low for me to care much.

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