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How to Upgrade Each Weapon in The Callisto Protocol

Required credits for maxing out each weapon in The Callisto Protocol

by Grant Testa

Are you tired of dying in The Callisto Protocol? Are you sick of seeing Jacob Lee being brutally killed by biophages in the game’s elaborate death animations? If you answered “yes” to these questions, then you’ve come to the right place. For those who want to survive the horrors of Black Iron Prison and turn the tables on the parasitic alien pests, the quickest way to “git gud” is by upgrading your arsenal. Here is everything you need to know about upgrading weapons in The Callisto Protocol.

How to Upgrade Weapons in The Callisto Protocol

The seven weapons of The Callisto Protocol can only be upgraded through “Reforge Stations.” These are the kiosks that are strewn throughout Black Iron Prison and its surrounding locations, where you can take a quick break from the stresses of biophage slaughtering to spend your hard-earned Callisto Credits. At Reforge Stations, you can sell items, buy ammo, obtain health injectors, and most importantly, upgrade weapons.

Where Can You Find Callisto Credits in The Callisto Protocol?

Callisto Credits are scattered throughout the many locations of Black Iron Prison, they can be found in crates, behind glass display cases, on random counters, but in most instances are dropped by biophages, the Callisto Protocol’s alien zombie enemies. If you’re running low on Callisto Credits, don’t forget to stomp on your fallen foes, as they can drop health, ammo, or the precious Callisto Credits.

All Upgradable Weapons in The Callisto Protocol

The seven weapons of The Callisto Protocol (in order of when they are obtained) are the Stun Baton, Hand Cannon, GRP, Skunk Gun, Riot Gun, Tactical Pistol, and the Assault Rifle. Here is how many credits it takes to fully upgrade each of the weapons to help you put the hurt on biophages, and earn the “You Need a Gun” trophy/achievement for maxing out one of the game’s weapons.

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How to Upgrade the Stun Baton in The Callisto Protocol

The Stun Baton is the arguably the most important weapon in The Callisto Protocol due to the game’s heavy focus on melee combat and limited firearm ammo. However, fully maxing out the stun baton and its nine upgrades will cost a pretty penny. In total, a fully upgraded Stun Baton will run you 11,700 Callisto Credits.

How to Upgrade the BI-55 Pistol “Hand Cannon” in The Callisto Protocol

The Hand Cannon is the second weapon obtained in The Callisto Protocol and has four upgrades to improve the stability, magazine, damage, and alternate boom bullets. A fully upgraded pistol will cost 2,800 credits, making it the game’s cheapest weapon to fully upgrade.

How to Upgrade the GRP (Gravity Restraint Projector) in The Callisto Protocol

The telekinesis-esque abilities of the GRP are an important tool in Jacob’s arsenal, allowing players to pick up and throw biophages as they please. However, similarly to the Stun Baton, a fully upgraded GRP is pricey, with 11,700 Callisto Credits needed to be max it out.

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How to Upgrade the Skunkworks Shotgun “Skunk Gun” in The Callisto Protocol

The Skunk Gun is the first findable diagram in The Callisto Protocol. You can craft the gun for 800 Callisto Credits, and improve its magazine, stability, damage, and alternate swarming rounds for an additional 3600 Callisto Credits, meaning a fully upgraded Skunk gun will cost a grand total of 4,400 Callisto Credits.

How to Upgrade the TK4 Riot Shotgun “Riot Gun” in The Callisto Protocol

The Riot Gun, arguably the game’s best weapon, and the last given through natural story progression, requires 4,200 Callisto Credits to improve its stability, damage output, magazine size, and alternate explosive rounds.

How to Upgrade the UJC Special Ops “Tactical Pistol” in The Callisto Protocol

The Tactical Pistol is a mid-late game weapon that can be modified to improve its damage output, magazine, stability, as well as an alternate burst mode. When its diagram has been successfully located, the weapon requires 600 Callisto Credits to print and another 5,700 to upgrade for a sum of 6,300.

How to Upgrade the UJC Special Ops “Assault Rifle” in The Callisto Protocol

Lastly, the late game UJC Special Ops Assault Rifle requires 12,000 Callisto Credits to max out between its 1,000 crafting cost, as well as an additional 11,000 to upgrade its magazine, damage stability, and homing rounds upgrade.

In total, upgrading every weapon in The Callisto Protocol will require 53,100 Callisto Credits to max out Jacob’s entire arsenal. Without new game plus, fully upgrading every weapon in the game is impossible, meaning The Callisto Protocol’s players must specialize their weapon choices if they want to live to see the end credits.

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