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How to Unlock the FTAC Siege in COD MW2 & Warzone 2

SMG or Handgun?

by Daniel Wenerowicz

It may be classified as a handgun in the Season 3 Reloaded update, but the FTAC Siege acts much more like a submachine gun, and it can be yours in Modern Warfare 2 or Warzone 2. Unlike the initial season weapons though, the mid-season roster needs to be earned by completing challenges.

It’s at this time that the Call of Duty community scrambles on update day to complete an unlock challenge or find a workaround to earning new weapons. In the case of the FTAC Siege, the challenge won’t be too difficult and can still be done in the DMZ if that’s what you want instead. Here’s how to unlock the FTAC Siege in COD MW2 and Warzone 2.

COD MW2 & Warzone 2 – How to Unlock the FTAC Siege

The easiest way for most players to earn this handgun is to complete the weapon challenge. You can find the challenge in the weapon unlock screen and it’s the same across all major game modes. Players will need 50 kills while hip firing a handgun to complete the full challenge in Modern Warfare 2 or Warzone.

Of course, completing this in MW2 Multiplayer is your best bet. An even better option is to run around with akimbo pistols on a mode like Shipment 24/7. With how chaotic that playlist is, you may even unlock the FTAC Siege within one match. After all, 50 kills on shipment is another average day.

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Some players on the other hand, like myself, can skip this challenge entirely in the COD DMZ. I chose to hunt players down and extract the FTAC Siege which instantly unlocks the weapon. You can find it on other players if they happen to carry it or you can try your luck in the Koschei Complex. The best method is really up to you.

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