How to Unlock Semtex in Modern Warfare 3

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Semtex MW3
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Everyone knows the Semtex grenade as the sticky version of the frag grenade, and in Modern Warfare 3, you need to jump through some hoops to unlock it. Using the Armory system can be confusing at first, but I’m here to explain so that you can get your sticky grenade in no time.

How to Unlock and Use Semtex in MW3

To unlock the Semtex in Modern Warfare 3, you need to reach level 25 and then complete Daily Challenges in the Armory. As soon as you unlock the Armory, you can find the Semtex Grenade in a list of unlockable equipment. Each one of the unlocks in the Armory requires you to complete two Daily Challenges or more, and in this case, you’ll need three.

Semtex Modern Warfare 3
Screenshot by Prima Games.

I tried to use Semtex for the first time in Modern Warfare 3 because I needed it for one of my Daily Challenges. So, how could I possibly get that done without having any access to the grenade in the first place? The answer is using the default loadouts when you join any match. At least one of the loadouts has a Semtex ready to go, and I was able to get the two kills I needed.

How to Get Semtex Kills Without it Unlocked:

  • Load into a match.
  • Scroll over to the default loadouts.
  • Select a loadout that has Semtex by default.

Once you complete all three Daily Challenges, you will get access to a recurring bonus challenge that always tasks you with earning one victory in any match. These can also be used to unlock the Semtex, but you will need three wins if you wait until the bonus. Just ensure you have the item selected as your active equipment for the Armory Unlocks.

For a full rundown on the system, check out my guide on how the Armory works in Modern Warfare 3.

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