How to Use the Armory in Modern Warfare 3 Explained

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Armory MW3
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Aside from the standard levels we all expect from a Call of Duty game, Modern Warfare 3 has another progression system in the form of Armory Unlocks. There are plenty of unlocks that can only be obtained through the new system, and I can help you navigate your way through.

How to Use Armory Unlocks in MW3

To access the Armory in Modern Warfare 3, reach level 25 and open up your daily challenges in the main lobby. When you are in the main lobby, you can see a set of three daily challenges in the top left of the screen. On a controller, you can press Triangle/Y to open up the entire Armory Unlock menu. Remember, this won’t be available until at least level 25.

Armory MW3
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Once you get inside the Armory menu, you can select any of the 59 items to track. When one is selected or put into the queue, completing a Daily Challenge will provide progress toward unlocking the item. For example, if I want to unlock the Ghost perk, I need to select it and complete three daily challenges. Afterward, the perk is mine, and I can move on to the next unlock.

You have only one additional option if you already completed your three daily challenges for the current 24-hour period. A bonus Daily Challenge will be added that always tasks you with winning one match. This will reset any time you get a win, so you can essentially keep grinding out the Armory Unlocks as long as you can keep winning your matches.

Remember to have items selected or set into a queue before jumping into any more matches. It’s easy to forget about the system, and before you know it, you just gained ten levels without chipping away at the full Armory Unlock list in MW3.

As you grind out those items, make sure you know how to easily get kills while in Tactical Stance in Modern Warfare 3 for even more progress.

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