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How to Unlock Ramattra in Overwatch 2

Robotic retribution has arrived.

by Matt Vatankhah

Ramattra, the newest tank hero in Overwatch 2, has been released, marking the beginning of Season Two for the iconic hero-shooter’s new free-to-play model. Much like the release of Season One’s Kiriko, Ramattra will be obtainable through a few methods, both with and without charge, and players will have ample time to experiment with the new hero before he arrives in competitive play. Ready to dish out some real pain? Here’s how to unlock Ramattra in Overwatch 2.

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How to Unlock Ramattra in Overwatch 2

Ramattra can be unlocked for free, which involves a bit of experience grinding, or instantly by spending some Overwatch 2 coins. Here’s how you can get your hands on the newest tank hero:

Purchasing the Premium Battle Pass

Image via Activision Blizzard

For 1000 Overwatch 2 coins, you can purchase the premium battle pass, instantly unlocking Ramattra and snagging a couple extra goodies right from the first tier. Also included immediately upon purchase are:

  • Soldier 76 Bug Hero Legendary Skin
  • Cerberus Epic Weapon Charm
  • +20% XP Boost All Season

Quite the incentive, right? If you’re still on the fence about buying the premium battle pass, check out all the rewards you can collect by completing it.

Free Reward from the Overwatch 2 Battle Pass

Image via Activision Blizzard

If you’re not willing to fork over the Overwatch 2 coins, you can still earn Ramattra for free by reaching Tier 45 in the battle pass. You’ll also receive the Trident Epic Emote to really flex on the opposition.

Tier 45 is over half of the entire season’s battle pass, so it will take some grinding on your part to reach, especially if you intend to take Ramattra into competitive mode. However, with the hefty supply of daily and weekly challenges, you should be able to easily unlock the hero before his ranked debut.

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