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Overwatch 2: All Rewards on the Season 2 Battle Pass

Greek mythology nerds, rejoice.

by Matt Vatankhah

It’s time for Season Two in Overwatch 2, and besides a new hero, map, and competitive ladder to climb, we can all agree on what we’re most excited about – a new battle pass. With 80 more tiers to grind through, this season’s premium battle pass is packed full of skins, emotes, sprays, banners, and more. Season Two adds a dash of Greek mythology-inspired cosmetics to the mix and, trust us, some of these skins actually earn the title of “Legendary” this time around. Take a look below to see all rewards available in the Season 2 battle pass in Overwatch 2.

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All Rewards on the Season 2 Battle Pass in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2’s Season Two battle pass begins on December 6, 2022, and lasts for approximately two months. That leaves you plenty of time to grind through all 80 tiers – just remember to complete those daily and weekly challenges for a little extra boost in progress. Here’s the full list of what you can expect to earn:

Tiers 1 – 10

Screenshot by Prima Games
  • Premium
    • Ramattra (Hero) / Bug Hero (Soldier 76 Legendary Skin) / Cerberus (Epic Weapon Charm) / +20% XP All Season
    • Trident (Name Card)
    • “How High” (Wrecking Ball Voice Line)
    • Graceful Stroll (Widowmaker Emote)
    • Bug Hero (Spray)
    • Unleashed (Hanzo Highlight Intro)
    • “Call Me Cyclops” (Ana Voice Line)
  • Free
    • Cerberus (Player Icon)
    • Poised (Widowmaker Victory Pose)
    • Cobra Queen (Symmetra Epic Skin)

Tiers 11 – 20

Screenshot by Prima Games
  • Premium
    • Botanist (Player Icon)
    • Bug Hero (Name Card)
    • Tactical Kick (Spray)
    • Lyre (Weapon Charm)
    • God of the Sea (Spray)
    • Locked and Loaded (Reaper Victory Pose)
    • “Divine Fire” (Moira Voice Line)
    • Poseidon (Ramattra Legendary Skin)
  • Free
    • Gotcha (Junkrat Highlight Intro)
    • Bug Hero (Player Icon)

Tiers 21 – 30

Screenshot by Prima Games
  • Premium
    • Queen Cobra (Player Icon)
    • Bullet Barrier (Spray)
    • Casual (Torbjorn Victory Pose)
    • “Smited or Smitten” (Junker Queen Voice Line)
    • Stepping Stones (Sigma Emote)
    • Extra! (Spray)
    • “Midas Touch” (Sombra Voice Line)
    • Botanist (Ana Legendary Skin)
  • Free
    • Pegasus (Souvenir)
    • Dance Machine (Name Card)

Tiers 31 – 40

Screenshot by Prima Games
  • Premium
    • Hades (Spray)
    • Knuckles (Doomfist Highlight Intro)
    • “Make Like Odysseus” (Kiriko Voice Line)
    • Salute (Soldier: 76 Victory Pose)
    • Trident (Weapon Charm)
    • Zeus (Name Card)
    • Dance Machine (Echo Epic Skin)
  • Free
    • Dance Machine (Player Icon)
    • Botanist (Spray)
    • “Scales and the Sword” (Orisa Voice Line)

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Tiers 41 – 50

Screenshot by Prima Games
  • Premium
    • Street Urchin (Player Icon)
    • Camellia (Souvenir)
    • Quick Break (Cassidy Victory Pose)
    • Acropolis (Name Card)
    • Dance Machine (Spray)
    • “Man Who Enters Hell” (Sigma Voice Line)
    • Street Urchin (Tracer Legendary Skin)
  • Free
    • Queen Cobra (Spray)
    • Ramattra (Hero) / Salt (Weapon Charm)
    • “Grapes” (Junkrat Voice Line)

Tiers 51 – 60

Screenshot by Prima Games
  • Premium
    • Amphora (Player Icon)
    • Breaking News (Souvenir)
    • “Shape Up” (Soldier: 76 Voice Line)
    • Trident (Emote)
    • Street Urchin (Spray)
    • Botanist (Name Card)
    • Victory Sign (Winston Victory Pose)
    • Hades (Pharah Legendary Skin)
  • Free
    • Goddess of Thunder (Spray)
    • “Tracer-thon” (Tracer Voice Line)

Tiers 61 – 70

Screenshot by Prima Games
  • Premium
    • “Justice is Cruel” (Ramattra Voice Line)
    • Cerberus (Name Card)
    • Olympus (Spray)
    • Groovin’ (Echo Victory Pose)
    • “Push a Rock” (Kiriko Voice Line)
    • Winged Helm (Souvenir)
    • Plutomari (Player Icon)
  • Free
    • Poseidomari (Player Icon)
    • Area Sweep (Baptiste Emote)
    • Primordial (Ramattra Epic Skin)

Tiers 71 – 80

Screenshot by Prima Games
  • Premium
    • Infernal Rockets (Spray)
    • Laurel Wreath (Player Icon)
    • “Real Life” (Hanzo Voice Line)
    • Gorgon Coin (Weapon Charm)
    • Poseidon (Spray)
    • Newspaper (Tracer Victory Pose)
    • Photon Barrier (Symmetra Highlight Intro)
    • Zeus (Junker Queen Mythic Skin) / Shockimari (Player Icon) / Zeus (Spray)
  • Free
    • Medusa (Souvenir)
    • Queen Cobra (Name Card)

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There you have it – all rewards available in Overwatch 2’s Season Two battle pass. Make sure to play plenty of matches and complete your daily and weekly challenges to collect all 80 tiers worth of goodies, especially Junker Queen’s Mythic Skin.

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