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How to Unlock Leda, Secret Character in Vampire Survivors?

Weird boss to say the least.

by Nikola L

Leda is a mysterious secret character in Vampire Survivors. Mysterious, but very powerful. Hidden in plain sight of the darkest parts of the Gallo Tower. The secret of Leda is cryptic and reads “Investigate the bottom of Gallo Tower”. Prima Games will help you conduct this investigation and unlock Leda, a powerful secret character in Vampire Survivors.

Investigate the Bottom of Gallo Tower Solution in Vampire Survivors

When you hop on Gallo Tower, you will establish that Leda is definitely not visible on the map, and the question “how the heck do you find Leda?” arises for sure.
However, finding Leda is fairly simple in hindsight, it’s just somewhat time-consuming when you think of it, and you must be careful a bit while on this task.
From the very start of Gallo Tower, you will need to move straight down for approximately 32-40 tiles (basically, a segment of the level is called a Tile and you are consistently running over the same tile over and over again in whichever direction you go to).
As you get closer to Leda, eerie darkness and nothingness will slowly creep up and surround you gradually, and scary, evil, and ominous music will start playing in the background. When this happens, please slow down. We are asking you to do this because when your visibility is hindered by all of the infinite darkness around you, you might miss Leda. You will soon understand why Leda is such a slow character who just cannot catch up to you easily. If you miss him you might be spiraling further into the madness of the said darkness without ever finding Leda.

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However, do not underestimate his power because he’s slow. If you let him get too close to you he will try to obliterate you.
A rough estimation is that he has about 70,000 HP so the fight might take some time depending on what your loadout is by the time you get to him. Once you get him, you can buy him within the appropriate menu. That’s it for this guide!
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