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How to Unlock the KV Broadside in MW2 & Warzone 2

A 12 gauge AK.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
KV Broadside

Four new weapons are on their way to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 at the start of the latest season, and three of them are primary weapons. Season 2 promises the return of the ACR, and in this case, the arrival of the KV Broadside shotgun, which is part of the Kastov tree.

Like nearly every other season in the past few years, these new weapons won’t be available to use until you take the time to unlock them. Some guns have challenges that need to be completed and others are tied to the XP grind of MW2 and Warzone 2. Keep reading below to see how you can unlock the KV Broadside shotgun in Season 2.

MW2 & Warzone 2 – How to Unlock the KV Broadside

Both the ISO Hemlock ACR and the KV Broadside will be available as part of the Season 2 Battle Pass on February 15. With the way that the pass works in MW2 and Warzone 2, the amount of time it takes to unlock each gun can vary. In general, though, you can unlock the KV Broadside after just 15 battle tokens.

The Season 2 Battle Pass will work like the pass in Fortnite and players can choose their path for rewards. Players can take 15 tokens, which are essentially 15 levels, and use those to reach the new shotgun. Unlocking the ISO Hemlock will then take about 30 tokens when done as fast as possible.

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There are 100 tiers in the Season 2 Battle Pass for Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2. If you really wanted to, you could wait to earn the new weapons and they would technically cost 100 tokens. Considering how popular the ACR will be, this should probably be the weapon that you fast-track in the new season of COD.

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