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How to Unlock Hurry Mode in Vampire Survivors

Hurry up and get Hurry Mode

by Lucas White

Vampire Survivors is an excellent game. Hell, it’s the overall Prima Games Game of the Year for 2022. But there’s no denying how much time it can take. A single run requires a full thirty minutes of your time, and with the number of unlockable things and achievements to earn, that’s a lot of runs. But what if you could hit a sort of fast forward button? Well, you can when you unlock Hurry Mode. Here’s how to do that.

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Hurry Mode is easy enough to unlock. The only barrier is making your first few runs and opening up the levels. Once you’re able to hop into Gallo Tower, you’re exactly where you need to be. And that’s just the fourth level, so frankly I’m surprised you’re here if you know enough to look up Hurry Mode in the first place. But hey, that’s why we’re here. Anyway, Hurry Mode is unlocked once you pick up the Sorceress’ Tears item, which is actually a Relic. That means when you first go into Gallo Tower, all you need to do is follow the green arrow telling you which direction to run in. You’ll find the item eventually, though make sure to be careful if you’re new since Gallo Tower has some tricks up its sleeves.

Once you unlock Hurry Mode, it becomes a check box for every level upon starting a new run. This makes the game run twice as fast, making those half hour runs a much more breezy fifteen. The drawback of course is that everything moves faster, meaning you’ll be contending with more monsters and bosses in shorter intervals. Luckily there’s some balance in the form of a 25% EXP bonus, ensuring at least your power should be more or less scaling with the clock speed.

Utilizing Hurry Mode, if you can hold it down at a quick pace without getting overwhelmed, is quite literally a game changer. It’s especially true when you’re trying to do things like get those 31 minute achievements, which are kind of miserable otherwise.

Lucas White

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