How to Unlock Hidden Cave Chapter 4 in Legacy of the Moonspell Adventure in Vampire Survivors

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How to Find Syuuto's Coffin in Forbidden Peaks in Legacy of the Moonspell Adventure in Vampire Survivors
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Finding the coffin in Chapter 3 of the Legacy of the Moonspell Adventure in Vampire Survivors may be a tricky maze to beat, but you can rest assured that we have you covered with a complete unlock walkthrough for this challenge.

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How to Find Syuuto’s Coffin in Forbidden Peaks in Legacy of the Moonspell Adventure in Vampire Survivors

Syuuto’s Coffin in Forbidden Peaks is located at the top of the map, which may seem like a maze to you. If you have already played Legacy of the Moonspell DLC, this Chapter might remind you of the Mt. Moonspell stage (at least, the mountain part of it). Similarities definitely exist, and there are a couple of routes you can take to find Syuuto’s Coffin. If you haven’t unlocked the Forbidden Peaks, check out our unlock guide.

To fight such formidable odds, Miang must search for her flea-bitten twin brother. Follow your nose through the twisting tunnels of the Forbidden Peaks to find the stinky wolfman, Syuuto!

Route 1 (Left, easy route):

  1. Follow the road left.
  2. Pass through a gate.
  3. As you enter the cave, you will find Candelabrador up. The big skeleton will come at you.
  4. Go down to the previous intersection within the cave and turn right, follow the path into a big room.
  5. Proceed up and follow the path after you leave the big room.
  6. Inevitably, you will make a 180 turn to the right and you will find yourself in the coffin room.

Route 2 (Right, challenging route):

  1. Follow the road right.
  2. After you pass the first gate and turn left, you will have two choices: to go further left, or to go up, through the gate. If you go further left and then enter the cave, you should just go left until you reach the big room mentioned in Route 1. If you want to go up through the gate, these are the next steps:
  3. Follow the road until you see a cave entrance, and a gate not far from that location, further to the right. If you go through the gate on the right, you will get a Night Sword at the end of that path. And another big skeleton to deal with. If you go into the cave entrance, you skip that and you jump into another big room. If you go left and down from there, you will reach the place you would have reached if you went left in the previous step.

Here’s a map that will hopefully help you understand these clarifications better.

Remember that the items you can pick up on this map are guarded by skeleton bosses. The same goes for Syuuto’s Coffin, so you will need to put up a long fight if you decide to take all three of them at once. I recommend that you commence the “boss fight” around minute 15. You should have enough arsenal and time to sustain such a fight by that time, and you will have plenty of time to finish everything before the Red Death comes for you.

There’s nothing else to do on this map, so after you open the coffin, you can leave the run.

Here’s how you can easily defeat Megalo Syuuto in the next chapter, the Hidden Cave, if you need help with this challenge.

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